In the early 90’s, I , the cornucopian, started out academically in the field of chemical engineering.  After graduation, I spent a few years working in operations at manufacturing plants, large and small.  At  about 1999, I transitioned into the “ IT Tech” field , specifically specializing in the database field.

     It didn’t take long to notice and realize that the practitioners in the tech field are prone to scientism, a misapplication of the scientific method. They are also prone to the logical fallacy known as “appeal to the clownish pitchman”,er , I mean….authority!. You know….”because SCIENCE!”.

     Scientism is a muddled, half baked, and fanatical conceptual plaque that spawns additional  plaques of humanity; neo-malthusianism, crypto-eugenics, global warming, techno utopias, etc…

     My goal is to fight all these fallacies, as they will lead to humanity’s doom and enslavement.



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