An opportunity against the enraged anointed in the Media War.

It is entertaining that the media is continuously enraged against certain sections of the alt media. The anointed members of the legacy media have been completely triggered by the more recent entrants in the globalist war, the so called youtube skeptics,  alt-light, civic nationalists, libertarian nationalists, Neo-reactionaries, alt-right, and the 4chan community. In other words, the forces of KEK.

While they are concentrating on the aforementioned group,  agorists, truthers, bitcoin ancaps, and others can take advantage of the distraction and continue to build upon peer to peer infrastructures to disseminate information. Other than the culture war circus occurring on the surface, nothing has really changed in the core as far as power structures are concerned.

But, it would be a mistake to take the approach that Jeffrey Tucker, who seems to have joined the Koch CATO gambit, has taken. Parroting packaged responses of fascism to arguments that they disagree with promotes linear thinking. Linear thinking only helps the centralists.

I think the situation has bought us some time and that there is a golden opportunity to hammer away at the legacy media.


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