The Corporate Tech Class Final Verdict: Useless Drones

When I was first employed in IT at a Fortune 100 company, I originally was impressed with the professionalism of the people that worked in corporate IT. The IT personnel at the smaller shops I worked at were good too, but not at an “enterprise” level. For one, they had a better knowledge of selecting vendors who are better suited to align with a particular IT use case, as opposed to the Slashdot or Microsoft crowd who feigned undying loyalty to a vendor or open source product that can be used in any scenario. They also tended to have at least some sort of consistent methodology when designing and deploying systems, with somewhat better aptitude at capacity planning.

As time went on, I discovered that these characteristics were counterbalanced by the many employees that were earning a premium for pretty much being dead weight and territorial, more focused on process as opposed to the outcomes.  Most of the corporate IT Managers tend to repeat flowery sounding rhetoric that describes nothing of actual substance while others follow suit and repeat the same catchphrases over and over again.  A whole stream of tech posts on Linked In will illustrate this behavior if you can stomach it. Although they actually belong to the upper-middle-class as part of the top 5% of income,  they ridiculously think of themselves as working class.

Outside of this sphere, they all appear to be prone to the belief in social science nonsense and the administrative state. Perhaps it is the belief that a “good” methodology with therapeutic rhetoric coupled with an appropriate expert is “scientific.”  Maybe they know deep down that corporate IT’s massive bureaucracy’s primary function is to perpetuate bureaucracy in real life. If it is revealed that the administrative state is full of charlatans then, they too, will be discovered to be an impostor, unworthy of the opulent lifestyle in the suburbs or gentrified urban neighborhoods that they reside in. While they live in luxury, those that prove to actually provide value continue to be crushed by the increasing panopticon police state. They continue to support the current trajectory even though they too are slowly and systematically being replaced by cheaper workers abroad.

Culturally, compared to the smaller IT departments I have observed, Big Corporate IT employees are the most miserable, petty,  and nihilistic; Watching their 401K’s as if their whole purpose is to wait and retire on money that probably will be worth a lot less than at present. All fit like a glove with the current Malthusian death cult of the West. I suspect the birthrate of these people is pretty close to 1 on average. ( It would be interesting to see if there is some data on Fortune 100 IT employees.).

In the alt-media, I have often heard the disparaging remarks about the lower class believing what they are told and watching reality shows or some other trash.  In my opinion, they are not the problem.  It is the Upper middle class that believes what they are told. They are the ones that are delusional and are susceptible to propaganda. Globalism is a death cult, these people will always be on their side.


An opportunity against the enraged anointed in the Media War.

It is entertaining that the media is continuously enraged against certain sections of the alt media. The anointed members of the legacy media have been completely triggered by the more recent entrants in the globalist war, the so called youtube skeptics,  alt-light, civic nationalists, libertarian nationalists, Neo-reactionaries, alt-right, and the 4chan community. In other words, the forces of KEK.

While they are concentrating on the aforementioned group,  agorists, truthers, bitcoin ancaps, and others can take advantage of the distraction and continue to build upon peer to peer infrastructures to disseminate information. Other than the culture war circus occurring on the surface, nothing has really changed in the core as far as power structures are concerned.

But, it would be a mistake to take the approach that Jeffrey Tucker, who seems to have joined the Koch CATO gambit, has taken. Parroting packaged responses of fascism to arguments that they disagree with promotes linear thinking. Linear thinking only helps the centralists.

I think the situation has bought us some time and that there is a golden opportunity to hammer away at the legacy media.

Toy Computer Models.

The money quote about soft science practitioners. John O’ Sullivan writes:

Those trained in the ‘hard’ sciences know the score.  It is why Nobel Prize winning Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever and others decry man-made global warming. They have disdain for those in the ‘soft’ earth sciences who shy away from the traditional methods of scientific inquiry: weighing the empirical evidence, testing hypotheses, using real materials, actual measurements. Government academics would rather play on their GIGO toy computer models instead because here the answers are tweaked to fit the questions.

Indeed.  Read the rest….