2016: The Year of the Big Data Charlatan

Another  great article from William Briggs,

The data tools are part of the problem in two ways: (1) the models themselves, and (2) the false belief that everything can be quantified.

Indeed, at the individual level, ends are purposeful and subjective.  The  ordering of each persons value cannot be measured by an outside instrument. Atoms, on the other hand, are not purposeful and their interactions are quite predictable. The interactions can also be measured.

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2017: The year of the Alt’s

Alt- tech, Alt-media, Alt-left, Alt-right, Alt-lite, Alt-west, Alt-currency, Alt-governance…. and on and on….

The internet reformation has led to the maturation of multiple forces that are in opposition to the Globalist Technocracy agenda. Many have sprouted from the maturation of Web 2.0 that occurred around 2006, a little after the founding of youtube.

Representation from a pluralism of ideologies across the political spectrum has emerged. From these disparate perspectives, many labels are used to describe globalism,  such as  Neocon-Neoliberalism, Rainbow Fascism, Global Corporatism, the therapeutic managerial state,  The Cathedral, and many others. The reality is, as Patrick Wood has mentioned, centralized global technocracy consisting of the Hub and spoke model.

A positive development in opposition over the last few years is the emergence of the Alt-Tech. Some in Tech have realized that the idea of the compatibility  Rousseauian and Darwinian ideologies is completely ridiculous. Some, such as the Dark Enlightenment, have also dispensed with the Whig version of history.  This faction will continue to grow more this year.

With the emergence of Trump, the result of Brexit, and the rise of Nationalism globally, the gatekeepers have decided to attack Alt-media head-on under the label of “Fake News”. From a globalist perspective, this makes sense. As Mencius Moldbug has mentioned,  the system requires centralized information flowing downstream to the masses. Youtubers and bloggers disseminating and deconstructing information and promoting various philosophies represent a distributed information model, which can increasingly short-circuit the system and collapse their edifice. Obviously, this cannot continue.

The multitude of neo-mandarin drones, who worship the therapeutic centralized gatekeepers and entertainers will rage ever increasingly as opposition to the technocratic cult increases. They will be the foot soldiers for the technocrats in the information war.

Perhaps this is the year when the ideology of technocracy is infused into the mainstream.

This will indeed be an interesting year, to say the least.