“We are all Birchers now”

The fruition of the war of ideas between “alt” media and the IYI idiots of the main corporate and state networks has been the best aspect of this unusual and insane election cycle.

It is amusing that the Washington Post have blamed Russia for the election results. Apparently,  all the independent bloggers out there are paid  by Russian agents. This is quite interesting since independent bloggers represent a plethora of ideas all over the political spectrum: Ancaps, Anarcho-syndicates,Classical Liberals, Alt-left, Alt-right, Alt-west, Anti-War, Neo-cameralists, Agorists, Distributists, Neo-monarchists, Neo-pagans, Greenbackers, Neo-traditionalists, Platonists, Trivium proponents, Neo-byzantines, etc….

The Birchers were demonized  back  in the day for blaming the Russians for infiltrating the press. Since the networks have taken this mantle, Newsweek can now  publish on their next magazine title, “We are all Birchers now”.












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