The New Global Dialectic

     This election cycle has provided a seemingly whole new and interesting dialectic that is emerging not just in the US, but worldwide. All the disparate philosophical categories are splitting and settling into two camps. Some of the philosophical categories on each camp are not even remotely compatible with each other, and some are even divisions within a philosophy.

The left side represents Global technocracy while the other side  represents  pretty much everyone else.


Globalism Nationalism
Centralized Peer to Peer
Progressive Statists Alt-Right Statists
Unipolar Multipolar
Neocons Paleocons
Main Stream News Alternative Media
Marx Proudhon
The Anointed Wisdom of the Crowds
Chomsky Rothbard
Neo-Liberal Classical Liberal
Malthusians Cornucopians
Western Christian Theology Eastern Christian Theology
Keynes Hayek
Friedman Mises
Goliath An Army of David’s
Rousseau Left Darwin Left
Information Engineering ( IT,CompSci) Industrial Engineering (chemical, mechanical)
Nontangible Object Creators Tangible Object Creators



CO2 Cause and Effect in reverse

With a clear overlay  of historical data of CO2 and Temperature, you can see that  temperature leads CO2, not the other way around.

A great analogy of the thought process from the article:

Like CO2, ambulances arrive after the event.

Vehicle accidents occur and some time later ambulances arrive.

Temperature goes up and some time later CO2 goes up.

Clearly there is a parallel… Using the logic of many misguided politicians and their advisers, it would seem feasible through careful assumption-based computer modelling to show this… and build a scenario for taxing ambulances and thereby reducing vehicle accidents.


How this is a surprise that CO2 may come out of a solution of water on essentially a planet that has plenty is telling. I don’t need my Chemical Engineering degree to understand this.


This reversal of cause and effect by practitioners has been a constant experience in my travels in Corporate data management operations for more than a decade. Science in the west has essentially become what Fabian Pascal thinks data managements has become, full of fads and slogans.

Reversal of cause and effect is caused by examining  a problem from a macro perspective without understanding the underlying fundamentals and the degree that individual elements fit together.  The disease has already diffused into the STEM fields. I fear in a   few decades, the west will be a wasteland.