Cargo Cult Keynesianism


The latest criticism from “Of Two Minds” about NIRP and ZIRP  policies by the central banks.

The basic problem with the professional priesthood is they believe that their cult is a “real science,” and their “proof” is a bunch of equations that they claim map and predict human behavior.


Human behavior cannot be reduced down to simple models and equations, as the variables are many and difficult to quantify, and the spectrum of potential responses is too wide.

The entire Keynesian Cargo Cult Priesthood boils down to this absurdly wrong-headed model of capital and human psychology.

Conclusion:  Modern social science is  “Cargo Cult Science”.

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Richard Feynman , as usual, explains “Cargo Cult Science”.





Zika Fraud, Hegel, and Malthus

A fundamental property of the technocratic society is the existence of a drone class, a group that can only process the latest meme the establishment presents by approved gatekeepers. Solutions to these memes are always binary in nature.  But it would be foolish to think that the members of the drone class are the type you find in the movie “Idiocracy”, rather, they are within the upper and upper middle class. Worker bees alone are not enough to build a technical society and achieve its Malthusian goals.  Instead, these drones are more sophisticated in that they have the ability to work complex algorithms, but only in one dimension.  “Smart enough to work the machines and do the paperwork” as George Carlin said.

If you look at the comments section at the New York Times on the latest scare tactic, the Zika virus, this becomes self-evident. They clamor on and on in allegiance of their”team” in congress to solidify the funding so they can be saved.  In reality, the scare tactic is designed to kill them off slowly. After all, in a Malthusian context, the modern upper-class utilizes a dispropriate amount of resources yet produce very little that is tangible and useful. A net negative from a machine standpoint. Once in full control, they are dead weight.

As Joachim Hagopian explains,  the usual application of the Hegelian Dialectic by the ruling class is used to trick people into thinking that a virus that was known 69 years ago is a brand new crisis.  Of course, the planned resolution is used to loot (billions) and kill the populace slowly by spraying neighborhoods with”Naled”,  sterilization, and fear of reproduction.  All to reduce the number of births in the long run.

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