Malthusian Nonsense

      Technocratic thinking has infected most of the ideologies in the west. This includes libertarians, with the exception of the main core Austrian economists. They are the only ones in the social science field that understand the difference between the hard sciences and the “soft” sciences.

      Although the two authors at are just outside of the Austrian circle in that they have embraced the nebulous “social justice“ memes, the latest articles they have written are very good attacks on foundational technocratic memes, such as the IQ concept and Malthusianism. Both concepts are based on linear thinking which focus’s on solving just one or two variables to plan how human societies can be the most efficient”.

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Fabian Pascal: Data Science, Coding, the Automation Paradox, and the Silicon Valley State

Once again, Fabian Pascal, a proponent of the relational database theory, writes a critique of data management in All Analytics , proving he is probably the best critique of the IT industry that ever lived. Inadvertently, the same arguments he presents are also the best arguments against “Big T” Technocracy; the resource based economy, Keynesianism, and other utopian schemes engineered by self-proclaimed “Systems Engineer” thinking technocrats.

As a database practitioner, I discovered his writings by researching the fundamentals of the relational database theory. Just like the chemical engineering field that I transitioned from, fundamental understanding of the lowest components was required in building proper solutions and solving problems. It didn’t take long before coming to agree on the state of the “tech” industry, learning the fundamentals are irrelevant. Again, it is ironic that many of the practitioners that love “data” shun the theories of data processing.

He hammers the same theme he has reiterated in the past.  The IT industry is based on fads instead of fundamentals and that the private sector has corrupted academia.

HIs best observations are always in the comments section:

The way it works is this: when an existing fad reaches saturation and exhaustion, vendors need a new one. They come up with some “new” idea–which often proves to be an old one that had been discarded a long time ago–and the media, eager to increase advertising revenue–is quick to pick it up and push it, extending it everywhere as some kind of critical, magical solution to everything, whether it belongs there or not. This goes on to peak and at saturation-exhaustion, a new fad emerges.
That’s why I kept arguing that the IT industry operates like the fashion industry. Enormous resources are spent on migration from fad to fad, rather than on productive work.
All this is possible because of the collapse of education and its takeover by the corporate world. Data professionals without any foundation knowledge and reasoning ability, unfamiliar with the history of their field can be sold any superficial thing as science….

Fabian already realizes that the educational system is about making obedient workers.

“Education, science, and theory are reduced to producing ouvriers.”

If he read any of John Taylor Gatto’s works, he would realize that this is not a recent phenomenon and has been the case for over a century.