Global Rebellion against Technocracy

Joel Kotkin , as usual , has a nice synopsis from a more “mainstream” point of view on the global rebellion against the “experts”.

The Great Rebellion is on and where it leads nobody knows.

Its expressions range from Brexit to the Trump phenomena and includes neo-nationalist and unconventional insurgent movement around the world. It shares no single leader, party or ideology. Its very incoherence, combined with the blindness of its elite opposition, has made it hard for the established parties across what’s left of the democratic world to contain it.

What holds the rebels together is a single idea: the rejection of the neo-liberal crony capitalist order that has arisen since the fall of the Soviet Union. For two decades, this new ruling class could boast of great successes: rising living standards, limited warfare, rapid technological change and an optimism about the future spread of liberal democracy. Now, that’s all fading or failing…

…Nationalism gets a bad rap in Europe, for historically sound reasons. Yet these national cultures also have produced much of the world’s great literature and music, and the world’s most beautiful cities. Yet in contemporary Europe, these national cultures are diminishing. Instead the crony capitalist regime gives us Rem Koolhaas’ repetitiousgeneric city, often as stultifying as the most mindless suburban mall.

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He is one of the first  in the mainstream to mention the word Technocracy. What is interesting is that it is promoted  by the upper class and the upper middle class; they get all the benefits and comfort for working with cronies, while the middle class, lower middle class, and working class get the full brunt of a bureaucratic police state.They bring in of course a dependent underclass with them. It is as if a Huxleyan order is indeed emerging.

The only problem is that a majority of the rebels at the moment still  do not listen to the “independent” media. It is because of this,  I think the technocrats can still  counter this with a “bribe” to  the working  and middle classes with the introduction of “a living wage”.