Anti-Technocratic Russia

Interesting article by Caitlin Long about Russia’s Non-Keynesianism policies, pro-natalism, and increasing eastern orthodox participation. It seems that they have achieved the same target of fake employment numbers that the west has without becoming debt slaves.


Putin, who may be a modern-day Constantine,  knows from antiquity that your citizens need not be atomized to build a great civilization.  Perhaps one of the factors for the recent antagonism of the west against Russia is due to the fact that Putin is not buying into any of their technocratic ideals. The western elites have probably surmised that in the long run a civilization that has a rich culture and employs real engineers that can manufacture tangible goods will eventually crush the increasingly empty, spiritually dead culture of the west and its multitude of charlatans who worship Malthus and Gaia under the guise of “Science!”.



Wisdom of the Crowds

A great video published a few years ago by Tom Naughton is a good topic about the wisdom of the crowds vs. the experts. The video perfectly describes  what has been emerging since the last decade.



You might think that I am a complete loon for kicking off with a topic of diet and nutrition to fight neo-malthusianism. But, here me out!

Government policy on diet illustrates many of the attributes of scientism,  with expertology being a major factor. Neo-malthusian is just a subset of scientism.

Knowledge is diffuse among many people based on their individual experiences. In opposition are the “experts”, armed with statistical numbers and magical models that have never been tested in the real world. This is one of the main fallacies of all versions of scientism.

I suspect that only a minority of practitioners in “tech” think like Tom.  If many more people in “tech” had a similar mindset,  the world would be a better place.  Alas, a sample of tech sites and the commentary within them reveal that this is probably not true.   

Nevertheless, the minority who have the same mindset like Tom will help facilitate a decentralized world, a world in which many of the followers of kiddie pitchman Bill Nye will be rendered impotent….. permanently.